Staff of the Electronics Laboratory, 1950

Back row: Orville Blouin, Chester Mott, Bill Kierney, Morris Levy,. Frank Simpson, Irving Paghis, Al Stapley, Bruce Kent

Middle row: John Hopps, Claire Frayn, Art Cowan, Don Henderson, Art Wickson, Jim Bennett, Cam Baker, Brad Bradley

Front row: Art Hill, Audrey _____, Frank Davies, Giselle _____, Keith Bedal, Lillian _____, Phil Thompson, Pat Griffin

Photos courtesy of Keith Bedal


The Montreal Road laboratory, c. 1950-53. Keith is facing the bench on the left, Jim Bennett is at the back by the window.

The EL library on Montreal Road. Irv Paghis at the left, Keith Bedal to his left. Jim Bennett is third from the right.