The Foundations of DRTE
(F.T. Davies)

A Brief History of CRC
(Nelms, Hindson)

The Early Days
(John Keys)

CRC's Pioneers


Bits and Pieces


The Alouette Program
The ANIK B Projects
David Florida Laboratory
Defence Communications
Detection Systems
The DRTE Computer
Doppler Navigation
HF Radio Resarch
The ISIS Program
Janet - Meteor Burst Communications
Microwave Fuze
Mobile Radio Data Systems
Prince Albert Radar Lab.
Radar Research
Radio Propagation Studies
Radio Warfare
Search and Rescue Satellite
Solid State Devices
Sounding Rockets
Trail Radio


John Barry - Doppler Navigation
John Belrose - The Early Years
Bert Blevis - The Role of the Ionosphere and Satellite Communications in Canadian Development
Bert Blevis - The Implications of Satellite Technology for Television Broadcasting in Canada
Richard Cobbold - A Short Biography of Norman Moody
Peter Forsyth - the Janet Project
Del Hansen - The RPL Mobile Observatory
Del Hansen - The Prince Albert Radar Laboratory 1958-1963
LeRoy Nelms - DRTE and Canada's Leap into Space
Gerald Poaps' Scrapbook
Radio Research in the Early Years
John Wilson - RPL as I Recall It, 1951-1956



Annual Reports





Inauguration of the Prince Albert Radar Laboratory
June 6, 1959

We would like to identify as many people in these photos as possible.
Connor Armstrong has provided some names.
Please email if you can help.

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker unveils the plaque for the Prince Albert Radar Laboratory.
CRC Photo 59-RPL-400B

Part of the radar receiver racks.
CRC Photo 59-RPL-400C

The lady at the front is Mrs. Olive Diefenbaker, wife of the Prime Minister.
CRC Photo 59-RPL-400F

CRC Photo 59-RPL-400H1

CRC Photo 59-RPL-400H

Ian Gordon
CRC Photo 59-RPL-400L
John Chapman with the Prime Minister.
CRC Photo 59-RPL-401G

Don Selin
CRC Photo 59-RPL-400O

John Chapman, the Prime Minister and A. Hartley Zimmerman, Chairman of the Defence Research Board.
CRC Photo 59-RPL-401I

CRC Photo 59-RPL-400S
The prime Minister signs the Guest Register.
CRC Photo 59-RPL-401R

CRC Photo 59-RPL-400W

Far left-Jack Brown
Del Hansen is in the left corner (with the bow tie, of course).
Far right sitting-Ian Gordon
3rd from right-Don Selin
CRC Photo 59-RPL-400M